Food intolerance testing

Food Intolerance Cornwall can help you to understand exactly what effect the foods you eat are having on your body.

Your test will be conducted by Karen Williams or a member of her team. All members of our testing staff have taken and completed training with the UK School of Naturopathic Nutrition and carry a Diploma in Allergy Intolerance Therapy.

The Test:The test will reveal multiple food sensitivities. During the course of the testing, we will determine possible causes of your discomfort and remove them from your diet. These will then be reintroduced over a sensible time scale allowing us to pinpoint the food you are intolerant to.

How do you start?
There are two main ways of tackling these problems. The first involves removing all offending foods in one foul swoop and then waiting a month before reintroducing them. The second method is more suitable when there are multiple sensitivities that require the gradual reduction and elimination of the suspect foods from the diet. If, during this process, you have difficulties or are unable to find suitable alternative foods, recipes can be obtained from  www.tailormadediet.co.uk .

Common food sensitivities:
The most commonly found food sensitivities are wheat, dairy products, yeast, sugar, chocolate, tea, citrus fruits and coffee. It can be quite difficult to realise that the foods that you consume and enjoy on a daily basis can be the ones causing harm. As your body is continually bombarded with the same kinds of processed foods it is placed under great physical stress.
Under this stress your body can become short of water and increase the production of histamine. This leads to the food intolerance that you may suffer from.


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